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  • Chin Massager: Chin Massager is the world´s first resistance toning system for the neck, chin and face.Work for massaging your face ,neck and chin ,also play role in slimming your neck line and chin.Professional designed massager will relax your body
  • Chin Massager utilizes progressive, three level coil resistance to tone, tighten and lift saggy. Chin Massager utilizes progressive, three level coil resistance to tone, tighten and lift saggy. Easy to have a slimming neck and chin
  • Keep up Exercise :In just 2 minutes a day you can have dramatic results.Keep up doing it for a long time,your neck line and chin muscles will be very good exercise .You can see the surprise change of your neck .Massage your neck and chin ,meanwhile will make you slimming .Treat yourself to an invigorating massage.
  • 3 Different Strength Springs - Gently firms the underlying muscles of the neck & tightens the skin for a dramatic lift . Three resistance levels: low, medium & high. From beginner to advanced toning, quick effective.
  • Material:ABS
₹ 600.00
  • Durable spring contoured feet pedals steel with spring pull up
  • Good for daily use portable and light weight
  • It can be used anywhere anytime
  • Helps to flatten tummy with regular use
  • Firms chests and arms
  • Tightens hips and thighs
  • Low tension single tube system for women
  • Contoured feet pedals and chrome finish springs
₹ 750.00
Hot Shapers Power Knee pant
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₹ 530.00
Body pro roller
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₹ 679.00
  • Vibrating Roll Massager is a cutting-edge fitness and recovery device/roller that uses pressure and vibration to improve the body's overall performance
  • Keeping the Body's soft tissue (muscles, tendons, ligaments, fascia) loose is essential for maintaining flexibility and range of motion
  • Excellent for self massage, warm up, and to work on tight muscles that prevent you from moving better and it is a firm density
₹ 3,000.00
  • EASY TO USE--- Get the firm, fabulous arms at home - you've always wanted in just minutes a day
  • BUILD UP MUSCLES --- This fun little workout tool will strengthen all muscle groups in your arms, perfect fitness equipment works for your biceps, triceps, shoulders and even your chest all at one time
  • DIFFERENT WEIGHT BANDS --- Three interchangeable colored resistance exercise bands in different power levels, perfect for all fitness levels and age groups
  • FOLDING and COMPACT DESIGN-- Conveniently sized for easy storing at home and office or travelling to anyplace to achieve continuous exercise
  • REPLACE GYM --- Good for people that doesn’t exercise often Yet want to keep fit
₹ 1,000.00