5 in 1 LED Flashlight

5 in 1 LED Flashlight

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It’s the stuff of nightmares - getting trapped in a car with jammed seat belts and inoperable windows, or being trapped outside a car with a child stuck inside. No one likes to dwell on those scary scenarios that could occur
in a car accident, but it’s important to be prepared for emergencies. When every second counts, the portable Car
Emergency Escape Pointed Hammer with Seat Belt Cutter could aid your escape! Precious lives can be saved quickly!

 Compact & Lightweight, The compact size of the hammer allows you to carry it around easier. You can easily store it in the glove box in your car or carry it along with you in your handbag or backpack.


What You Can Do With It, Multi-function for car vehicle automobile, Alarm and flee for trouble & emergency, 

It’s easy to use and carry outside, Can be used as flashlight, hammer, cutting knife, Flashing red light warning,
Emergency lighting, Cut safety belt, Break up glass, Magnetic to hold the flashlight  

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