USB Cigarette Lighter

USB Cigarette Lighter

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Tired of running out of lighter fluid or those cheap lighters or simply want to avoid lighter fluid altogether?    This electronic lighter is a wonderful solution. The Electronic Flameless Lighter is powered by a rechargeable battery. The products USB interface is only used to charge the battery. The USB can be connected to a computer, mobile phone charger or any other USB charging device.   Just flip the switch to open the USB pin and charge it for an hour using your computer or laptop USB port. Now flip the pin back, and carry the lighter with you anywhere! Whenever you need a light, just flip the switch on the opposite side and get a flameless light for your cigarette.  It's smaller than a regular lighter.  A MUST HAVE GADGET for smokers!  It takes just three hours to reach a full charge and then you have hours of lighting power.  And you can use it even in the middle of a storm! It's totally windproof!  Uses no gas so it's absolutely safe and eco-friendly.  Imagine using it at a pub, bar or discotheque to show off to your friends! They will be so jealous! 

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