Wooden laptop table

Wooden laptop table

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Adjustable Height & Angle:
This table comes with four legs, the knobs of which can be loosened to slide the inner legs up and down up to 4 inches and then fasten them in place at a suitable height. On adjusting the height, you can place this table on the bed, sofa, floor or car seat and work on your laptop.
The angle of the table can also be tilted in 6 different positions using the stopper - 1 position is the edge of the inner side of the table, 1 is the flat position and 4 are the grooves made.

Versatile & Easy To Use:
This wooden table can easily hold different sizes of laptops giving you optimum comfort. The foldable table has a drawer underneath to place pen drives, memos or other stuff. The ventilation provided keeps your laptop cool. This product is a perfect choice to meet all kinds of demands - placing laptops, reading, writing, eating, drawing or using as a camping table or tray. Fold it to a flat and compact size to store away when not in use or when travelling.

No More Neck Pain:
With this table, say goodbye to back pain and neck pain as you can adjust the height and angle to a comfortable position! Start a more comfortable and healthier lifestyle whether you are reading, watching or typing.

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